First Post

Well, this is my first post.

My second year of teaching is coming to an end, there has been a lot of information to internalize. I am a special education teacher for students with learning disabilities, Autism, and other health disabilities. With Response-to-Intervention being a large component in my work and other educators, the idea for a blog popped in my mind as a way to share thoughts with other teachers.

There may be some people interested in sharing what they have learned in their years of teaching and I am always interested in learning. If you, as an educator, want to share research-based strategies, practices, or interventions, throw it onto this blog. I would prefer everything put on hear to have a research base, so that we can incorporate the ideas in the classroom.

I will start with an easy topic and see how many are interested in responding. Repeated reading has a strong research base from the National Reading Panel report. Research completed by Timothy Rasinski supports repeated reading as an intervention for readers. To further expand on repeated reading, send comments, research, or interventions using repeated reading.

One intervention using repeated reading in my school follows the following sequence (I can send intervention scripts if anyone wants a copy):

1-teacher model passage to students while they follow along

2-teacher reads a sentence, students echo sentence back to teacher

3-teacher and student duet read the passage twice

4-teacher and student choral read passage

5- students take turns reading sentences and are monitored for fluency of passage

Once this topic has been discussed or other ideas for future blog posts arise, I will create more.

Also, here is a website I am working on for parents and teachers. Please send any comments my way, I am always interested.